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Delhi ,NCR
Not a constraint for right person
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Hi When Government of India is encouraging people  to get self reliant/self employed and working on people empowerment, Are you still looking for a Job/ Job Change   Let  me ask you a simple Question, Who generally earns more income
  1. A)Businessman
  2. B)Person doing Job
We all know generally businessman  earns more income as compare to Person doing job  (Except if person is  at top level in company) Now Questions comes When we all know mostly businessman earns more, than why 80% people are associated with Job & Why you are also looking for Job/ Job Change. Answer could be Job has surety whereas Business has risk and several requirements to fulfill for eg:- 1)Heavy Fixed Investment (Minimum Investment to start a business in today’s time is approx 5L & above) 2)Time 3)Premises 4)Manpower 5)Daily Expenses 6)Competition and many several others as well..... And even after all this there is no surety of Profit so RISK is involved So majorly because of all this one generally opts for Jobs as there is no RISK involve in it & avoids business   Now if you comes across  an Opportunity Which does not require any of the above  business requirement &   then you will surely grab it. Isn’t it? What you Invest Start your business at almost ZERO Investment( Rs 10000-16000 approx) once in life time   What you Get against your investment Product worth more that Rs 40,000 Franchise code for entire life (with no maintenance cost, no hidden cost) Free Weekly Marketing Support A Team (Which will help to  set up your business) Rewards & Recognition A Module which is based on Self Reliant/Self Dependent Program 21st Century Concept Ist Time in India , Interview will be conducted not for JOB but for BUSINESS .  Limited Franchises available, hurry up , first come first basis To know more about it you can contact Abhishek at 9873769980